Stainless steel is an alloy steel with a high chromium content.

Chromium forms a surface oxide film which protects metal and
immediately reforms in case of chemical or mechanical damage.
We at Beta Utensili have relied on this unique characteristic to develop
the Beta Inox tools, which are the name for high resistance to corrosion
as well as remarkable hygiene and low bacterial retentiveness. Indeed, stainless steel tools get less dirty and are cleaned better than
those made from other materials, and can be autoclaved at 121 °C.
The Beta Inox tools can be used in critical environments – that is, in
areas where absolutely no contamination is permitted.
Fields of application:
• Nuclear applications
• Pharmaceutical production – class C
• Biotechnological and biomedical laboratories
• Food industry.
The Beta Inox tools avoid ferrous contamination, thus preventing improper rust formation. Whenever any tools made of ordinary carbon
steel are used on stainless steel screws, nuts or surfaces, a few iron
particles may come off the tools, which results in aesthetic problems
(iron moulds). If neglected, these trigger localized corrosion. Using
stainless steel tools will completely prevent polluting particles from
Fields of application:
• Shipyards
• Building
• Offshore applications
• Solar systems
• Car industry


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